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All of the services in the a11ywatch eco-system. All of the services use gRPC to communicate except the primary API allows REST, Graphql, and gRPC for the main entry. The cdn-server is going to be removed soon. The only service that is exposed outside to connections are web which is the front-end application and the central gateway api in production. Use the central repo in order to run all of the services together through docker.

ServiceContainer PurposeDefault Port
webweb application that interacts with the main api3270
apicentral core API3280
mavimage detector for generating names with probability8020
pagemindwebsite issue detector engine with accessibility fixes8040
crawlergather all urls/webpages for a website8000
cdn-servercreate and store js scripts to fix web issues8090
mongodbcentral database for website and user data storage27017
redismemory database for subs and quick look ups6379
chromegoogle chrome in a docker container9222