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You can contribute to the project by helping report bug issues, features, and code development.


If you want to use docker you can skip the NodeJS and Rust install.


First, you must checkout all repos into the same directory. Some of these repos are optional, but checking them all out allows you to hop around the code more easily. If you are not going to develop you can use docker compose to run the images.

Create a root directory for all of the files ex: mkdir a11ywatch_project && cd a11ywatch_project.

Clone all the repositories (or only the required ones).

git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone

Navigate to primary repo for main setup and start.

cd a11ywatch


You can use the docker compose --file docker/ up to start up the docker instance in development mode.

If you want to run the production application run the command docker compose --file docker/docker-compose.yml up.


In order to start the project locally you need to navigate to each of the folders and run the npm run dev command. We might make a script for this if people tend to lean towards developing local instead of docker.

Pushing Changes to Github

After you have the development instances up you can submit a PR to the repos directly for review.